Cancer. It's such a daunting word for something that is only two syllables long. It's terrifying, messy, confusing, and looming. It haunts you in your sleep. It haunts you when you go to visit the doctor and she asks you if you have a family history of breast cancer...and I've always said no up until... Continue Reading →


Everything, Everything: A Book Review

Have you ever been trapped inside of a house on your day off? Maybe you're home sick and resting or you just have nothing to do and nowhere to go. Either way, at some point, you can probably feel yourself getting stir-crazy. You itch to do things outside of the house, go for a walk,... Continue Reading →


When will you ever be happy? When will you ever be satisfied? How much blood will ever be enough to make you feel alive? Are you sick? Do we need to bring you to a hospital? Silence. Because what can you say, you'd have to bleed buckets to fill the hole in your heart. You'd... Continue Reading →

Milk and Honey-Review

With the start of the New Year, my resolution to read 100 books in a year also restarts. Last year, the journey hit a rocky end and I only got to about half of my goal. So: without further ado, I kicked off this year with some poetry and a new collection of poems I... Continue Reading →

It’s Okay to Take A Break

My whole life, I've had this very strict plan for myself. Go to school, graduate, move out, go to grad school, become a doctor, get a high paying job, work for the FBI...etc. However, this did not happen. Actually, the plans drastically changed. 2017 has absolutely been the best and worst year of my life.... Continue Reading →

Dear Whoever You Are

"Whoever you are" because you aren't who you used to be, and I don't even really know you anymore. "Whoever you are" stares me down, yells at me over things that have long since been over. "Whoever you are" worms his way inside my head, everything is my fault, I'm always wrong. "Whoever you are"... Continue Reading →


I dated someone once who looked at the world through cynical, sarcastic eyes, except when he looked at me. He looked at me with these eyes that read my mind, interrupted my thoughts, invaded my privacy. He took candid pictures, snapshots of the way I looked at things, "you're the prettiest when you're calm". And... Continue Reading →


Her hands tremble above the keyboard, words that will never make sound pour out, tears streaming down cheeks, the dam is breaking... Blank spaces filled with words that will never be heard, destined to remain silent forever. Buried deep down like the dark secrets you try so hard to cover up. No amount of dirt,... Continue Reading →

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