Her hands tremble above the keyboard, words that will never make sound pour out, tears streaming down cheeks, the dam is breaking... Blank spaces filled with words that will never be heard, destined to remain silent forever. Buried deep down like the dark secrets you try so hard to cover up. No amount of dirt,... Continue Reading →


Blown Away

Typically, I try to post content here that is interesting and doesn't sound preachy. However, this is a different kind of content. Too long for a Facebook post and too uninteresting to be an article. Almost 2 years ago I started my writing journey with Odyssey as a creator and social media director. As a... Continue Reading →


Your prayers are best sung on your knees in front of a God that may or may not exist. Confessing your deepest secrets to a face, hidden behind a screen. Your prayers are folded hands, bowed heads, save me. My prayers are best sung in the words I write, locked away on paper. Praying to... Continue Reading →


One day she looked in the mirror and decided she was done. Restricted by the expectations of someone not meant to fit in. Suffocated by the lies of those who "only mean well". Crushed by the "love" of people not equipped to give it. Burned by the fire in other people's eyes. Defeated by the... Continue Reading →

Nature Walks

The trees reach out their arms to guide you, gently along your path. And once you get going, there is no going back. There's a whisper humming through the foliage luring you farther in. And once you see it, you can't unsee it and your love with nature begins. There's something about standing on something... Continue Reading →

Chameleon in a Candy Store Review

Hey guys, So I'm back with another book recommendation/review, it's been a while since I actually posted about a book but this one is 10/10 worth the read. So for a little background, within the past year, I stumbled across a book called "Diary of an Oxygen Thief" by Anonymous (yes, the author is anonymous).... Continue Reading →

Write your Story

Being an editor and a writer has taught me some of the most valuable lessons I've ever learned. It's also taught me a lot about myself and my own personal writing. So for anyone who is hesitant about sharing their¬†writing or too afraid, nervous, plagued with fear of rejection, etc. this one is for you.... Continue Reading →


Soft whispers tugging at the corner of eager eyes. Gnarled fingers running through tousled hair. Rough hands wiping away tears, staining her face. "I love you" The only thing she needed to hear in the midst of silence. The three words to stop her, dead in her tracks. Words that don't quite match up to... Continue Reading →

I Had a Bad Day

I had a bad day and have probably managed to somehow take it out on any and every person I've come into contact with. Maybe I didn't smile at the last customer who walked into my store this afternoon or I brushed my boyfriend's hand away from mine because I was irritated. And now that... Continue Reading →

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