Nature Walks

The trees reach out their arms to guide you, gently along your path. And once you get going, there is no going back. There's a whisper humming through the foliage luring you farther in. And once you see it, you can't unsee it and your love with nature begins. There's something about standing on something... Continue Reading →



Soft whispers tugging at the corner of eager eyes. Gnarled fingers running through tousled hair. Rough hands wiping away tears, staining her face. "I love you" The only thing she needed to hear in the midst of silence. The three words to stop her, dead in her tracks. Words that don't quite match up to... Continue Reading →

I Had a Bad Day

I had a bad day and have probably managed to somehow take it out on any and every person I've come into contact with. Maybe I didn't smile at the last customer who walked into my store this afternoon or I brushed my boyfriend's hand away from mine because I was irritated. And now that... Continue Reading →

Writer’s Block

No sparks. No words that make you feel alive. No gut-wrenching passages that make you fall in love or hate someone who broke your heart. Just empty space, a shaky hand hovering over a blank paper. Eager fingers typing nonsense onto a computer screen, humming with life. Falling asleep cast in the light of a... Continue Reading →

Cutting the Cancer Out

Take the knife, slide it across the flesh, reach inside and cut the cancer out. Reach inside and cut out the "I hate you's" the "I don't love you's" and the black masses that are taking over your heart, your soul, your light. Cutting the cancer out, Escaping from the past and never looking back,... Continue Reading →

A Revelation Like No Other

One day, she opened her eyes and everything made sense. The tossing and turning, endless nights spent battling demons she had no clue existed. That's when she learned, the monsters weren't in her closet, they weren't under her bed or hiding behind the shower curtain. They walked among her, silently lurking, waiting for just the... Continue Reading →

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