One day she looked in the mirror and

decided she was done.

Restricted by the expectations of

someone not meant to fit in.

Suffocated by the lies of

those who “only mean well”.

Crushed by the “love” of

people not equipped to give it.

Burned by the fire in

other people’s eyes.

Defeated by the standards placed upon her by

those who don’t even know her name.

So she changed,



Change is oh so sweet,

oh so necessary.


Nature Walks

The trees reach out their arms to guide you,

gently along your path.

And once you get going,

there is no going back.

There’s a whisper humming through the foliage

luring you farther in.

And once you see it,

you can’t unsee it and

your love with nature begins.

There’s something about standing on something

that was here, way before you were.

Something about staring at a sun,

that sets your life alight.

Something about the silence,

so far away from a highway.

So get lost,

breathe it in.

This is just the beginning.

Chameleon in a Candy Store Review

Hey guys,

So I’m back with another book recommendation/review, it’s been a while since I actually posted about a book but this one is 10/10 worth the read.

So for a little background, within the past year, I stumbled across a book called “Diary of an Oxygen Thief” by Anonymous (yes, the author is anonymous). The book was raw, vulgar, surprising, and just about everything you wouldn’t expect from a book. Nevertheless, it was amazing.

SO now that brings me to the second book I picked up by Anonymous entitled “Chameleon In A Candy Store”. Back again with vulgar, surprise and anonymity, Anonymous does it again. He writes in such a way that you want to hate him but can’t help but identify with him just a little bit as the lead character (Anonymous) makes his way through the world of online dating, meeting people in real life, and dealing with all the issues that come along with dealing with people.

The fact that the author remains anonymous is really just a nice bow on the entire book. Anonymity gives us the power to write exactly what we feel and think with little to no judgement. While plenty of other reviews judge the womanizing ways of our Anonymous writer, suggest extensive therapy and other various “treatment” methods, it is highly probable that these don’t directly affect the author, mostly because nobody knows who he is. For example, you could quite literally walk by this author and never know who you’re walking past.

Anyway, back to this book. Anonymous writes the way that we all think, sometimes. Have you ever been on a disaster date, had a one night stand, a problem with alcohol, addictions, sex, love, hate? If you answered yes or nodded your head to any of these options, this book is for you. Anonymous battles his own demons while openly writing about the chaos he brings to women’s lives. He openly writes about his sexual escapades while also writing about how much he hates someone, loves someone, or how much he hates or loves himself.

What makes this book particularly interesting is that our Anonymous does not hold back. As I said, this really is a vulgar book, which adds to the overall appeal of the book. This isn’t a love story with a happily ever after, this is real life. You fall in love and they rip your heart out. Or you don’t want to fall in love so you sabotage any relationship you may have with someone special. Either way, Anonymous is open and honest about it, which in an age where we have shady government officials and various other means of being lied to, honesty is a welcome change.

I would 10/10 recommend this book and “Diary of an Oxygen Thief” to anyone looking for an honest and surprising read. Pick this up on Amazon (where I picked both my copies up), your local Barnes and Noble, Kindle, and iBook! And keep a look out for the next book, “Eunuchs and Nymphomaniacs”, the third installment in the Oxygen Thief Diaries! Be sure to check out his website, linked above, and follow him on Instagram @ o2thief! You’ll be glad you did.

Feel free to leave some comments below if you’ve read any of these books and want to start a conversation! Happy reading!

Write your Story

Being an editor and a writer has taught me some of the most valuable lessons I’ve ever learned. It’s also taught me a lot about myself and my own personal writing. So for anyone who is hesitant about sharing their¬†writing or too afraid, nervous, plagued with fear of rejection, etc. this one is for you.

Write that story.

Don’t just write that story, write your story. So some guy broke your heart? Write about it. You have every right to feel what you feel, whether it’s from an experience, good or bad, healthy or not. Don’t let anybody tell you to tone yourself down or share less about your own personal business.

You are a writer.

Whether you scribble something down in the margin of your notebook or write online for the world to see, you’re a writer. If you write, you’re a writer. Don’t let people tell you that you aren’t a writer just because you aren’t published. I write for a publication but I’ve also been a writer since I was little. To be fair, I used to write short stories on those lined paper pages you use in grade school to learn how to write in script. At the age of 7, I was a writer.

Write your heart out.

Writing is probably the best and cheapest form of therapy there is. It’s just you and a blank sheet of paper with endless possibilities and there is something really therapeutic about that concept. Write for yourself. Not for views, shares, likes, audience numbers…Your best pieces will come from this deep, dark place inside of you that few will ever venture to.

And lastly, if you love it, do it.

This applies to a lot of things in life. But we’re talking about writing here. If you love to write, don’t ever stop writing. Who cares if it isn’t your career goal to be an author? Or maybe it is and everyone feels the need to tell you that “writers never make money”…it’s your life and you only get one. Live it doing something that you’re passionate about.


Soft whispers tugging at the corner of eager eyes.

Gnarled fingers running through tousled hair.

Rough hands wiping away tears, staining her face.

“I love you”

The only thing she needed to hear in the midst of silence.

The three words to stop her,

dead in her tracks.

Words that don’t quite match up to actions,

Actions that don’t quite match up to the words.

A cacophony of lies litter the floor like broken glass

Stabbing the remnants of a love gone wrong.

I Had a Bad Day

I had a bad day and have probably managed to somehow take it out on any and every person I’ve come into contact with. Maybe I didn’t smile at the last customer who walked into my store this afternoon or I brushed my boyfriend’s hand away from mine because I was irritated. And now that I have a minute to think about, bad days are bound to happen, that doesn’t mean we have to or should take it out on the people who are just trying to make it better.

Without getting preachy, because nobody likes someone who can’t practice what they preach, take a moment to cool off after a stressful day. Could you have been the real reason that you had a bad day? Maybe you woke up in a bad mood and silently or not, told yourself that it was going to be a bad day. If so, from the moment you woke up, you expected it to be a bad day. Therefore, you probably weren’t as nice to your “rude” customer as you may have been if you were in a better mood. That customer may have been in a bad mood because you looked like you were.

At the end of the day, everything happens for a reason. Every action causes a reaction. Now not to say that you aren’t allowed to have bad days, but take a minute to remind yourself that while you may be having the worst day ever, the way you treat other people has a direct effect on the way that they treat you in return.

And while we’re on the topic of horrible days, it really could always be worse. There’s always someone who has less than you or is going through a difficult time in their life. Think about the feelings of others before you go off projecting your negative energy to the entire world. But also feel free to get yourself a pint of ice cream and eat the whole thing because you feel like crap.

Writer’s Block

No sparks.

No words that make you feel alive.

No gut-wrenching passages that make you fall in love

or hate someone who broke your heart.

Just empty space,

a shaky hand hovering over a blank paper.

Eager fingers typing nonsense onto a computer screen, humming with life.

Falling asleep cast in the light of a screen,

waking up only to find that you held the nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

down too long.

No signs of intelligent life here, folks.

Move along.

This is a writer’s block zone and

nobody’s home.



Cutting the Cancer Out

Take the knife,

slide it across the flesh,

reach inside and

cut the cancer out.

Reach inside and

cut out the “I hate you’s” the

“I don’t love you’s” and the

black masses that are taking over your heart,

your soul, your light.

Cutting the cancer out,

Escaping from the past and never looking back,

Smashing the looking glass and

hoping for the best.

Separate yourself from the evil,

remove that empty feeling, creeping through your body.

Don’t turn around and don’t stop now.


Once you’ve started,

you simply can’t go back.

A Revelation Like No Other

One day, she opened her eyes

and everything made sense.

The tossing and turning, endless nights spent

battling demons she had no clue


That’s when she learned,

the monsters weren’t in her closet,

they weren’t under her bed or hiding behind the shower curtain.

They walked among her,

silently lurking,

waiting for just the right moment to


“Get Out” and Racism

Recently, I watched the movie Get Out. Not to ruin the movie for anyone, the gist of it is that an African American man is going to meet his Caucasian girlfriend’s family for the first time. Upon arrival, he notices that the African Americans working for the family are acting a little strange and so ensues a series of unfortunate events. However, the real message behind this movie is that racism is alive and well, and this movie throws it in your face unapologetically.

This movie makes you feel uncomfortable, angry, confused, and ultimately horrified at the way the African American and his cohorts are treated. The plot twist will keep you hooked until the very end. However, let’s get back to the issue of racism.

In today’s society, we don’t like to throw the word “racist” around, or maybe we do. Racism is alive and, unfortunately, thriving. Racism is everywhere, if you look hard enough or even if you don’t. In this movie, we are shown the dehumanization, quite literally, of a race of people and seeing it at such an extreme level is definitely disconcerting, however, in reality we turn a blind eye to it.

Racism occurs even without us knowing it. For example, it takes a human just a few seconds to determine whether or not they like someone. And what are we first exposed to upon meeting someone? How they look, how they dress, how they greet us. Without actually being consciously aware of it, we are judging a person based on whether they look like someone we would want to associate with. Now while this may not be inherently racist, there is a high possibility that for some individuals, the color of someone else’s skin may determine whether or not that individual is someone they would want to associate with.

Racism occurs when the media portrays police brutality against African Americans and nobody else. Racism occurs when Kathy Griffin posts a picture holding a replica of Donald Trump’s head, severed and bloody, and the media is in outrage over it while Obama’s presidency was filled with posted videos of burning replicas of Obama, hanging from a noose. This is racism. Racism is when something that happened to one person is not reacted to in the same manner as something happening to another individual of ¬†a different race.

Racism is interracial couples being ridiculed because their skin isn’t the same color. Racism is also proclaiming that “mixed babies are the best babies” (and yes, I have actually heard this come out of people’s mouths). How does the racial background of a baby make them any better or worse than a baby who is strictly one race? That’s right. It doesn’t.

Regardless, check this movie out. It’s been out of theaters for quite some time now so it should be easily accessible! Enjoy!