Write your Story

Being an editor and a writer has taught me some of the most valuable lessons I’ve ever learned. It’s also taught me a lot about myself and my own personal writing. So for anyone who is hesitant about sharing their writing or too afraid, nervous, plagued with fear of rejection, etc. this one is for you.

Write that story.

Don’t just write that story, write your story. So some guy broke your heart? Write about it. You have every right to feel what you feel, whether it’s from an experience, good or bad, healthy or not. Don’t let anybody tell you to tone yourself down or share less about your own personal business.

You are a writer.

Whether you scribble something down in the margin of your notebook or write online for the world to see, you’re a writer. If you write, you’re a writer. Don’t let people tell you that you aren’t a writer just because you aren’t published. I write for a publication but I’ve also been a writer since I was little. To be fair, I used to write short stories on those lined paper pages you use in grade school to learn how to write in script. At the age of 7, I was a writer.

Write your heart out.

Writing is probably the best and cheapest form of therapy there is. It’s just you and a blank sheet of paper with endless possibilities and there is something really therapeutic about that concept. Write for yourself. Not for views, shares, likes, audience numbers…Your best pieces will come from this deep, dark place inside of you that few will ever venture to.

And lastly, if you love it, do it.

This applies to a lot of things in life. But we’re talking about writing here. If you love to write, don’t ever stop writing. Who cares if it isn’t your career goal to be an author? Or maybe it is and everyone feels the need to tell you that “writers never make money”…it’s your life and you only get one. Live it doing something that you’re passionate about.


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