“Get Out” and Racism

Recently, I watched the movie Get Out. Not to ruin the movie for anyone, the gist of it is that an African American man is going to meet his Caucasian girlfriend’s family for the first time. Upon arrival, he notices that the African Americans working for the family are acting a little strange and so ensues a series of unfortunate events. However, the real message behind this movie is that racism is alive and well, and this movie throws it in your face unapologetically.

This movie makes you feel uncomfortable, angry, confused, and ultimately horrified at the way the African American and his cohorts are treated. The plot twist will keep you hooked until the very end. However, let’s get back to the issue of racism.

In today’s society, we don’t like to throw the word “racist” around, or maybe we do. Racism is alive and, unfortunately, thriving. Racism is everywhere, if you look hard enough or even if you don’t. In this movie, we are shown the dehumanization, quite literally, of a race of people and seeing it at such an extreme level is definitely disconcerting, however, in reality we turn a blind eye to it.

Racism occurs even without us knowing it. For example, it takes a human just a few seconds to determine whether or not they like someone. And what are we first exposed to upon meeting someone? How they look, how they dress, how they greet us. Without actually being consciously aware of it, we are judging a person based on whether they look like someone we would want to associate with. Now while this may not be inherently racist, there is a high possibility that for some individuals, the color of someone else’s skin may determine whether or not that individual is someone they would want to associate with.

Racism occurs when the media portrays police brutality against African Americans and nobody else. Racism occurs when Kathy Griffin posts a picture holding a replica of Donald Trump’s head, severed and bloody, and the media is in outrage over it while Obama’s presidency was filled with posted videos of burning replicas of Obama, hanging from a noose. This is racism. Racism is when something that happened to one person is not reacted to in the same manner as something happening to another individual of  a different race.

Racism is interracial couples being ridiculed because their skin isn’t the same color. Racism is also proclaiming that “mixed babies are the best babies” (and yes, I have actually heard this come out of people’s mouths). How does the racial background of a baby make them any better or worse than a baby who is strictly one race? That’s right. It doesn’t.

Regardless, check this movie out. It’s been out of theaters for quite some time now so it should be easily accessible! Enjoy!



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